September 15 & 16, 2018
SFU Harbour Centre
Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane

Plant scientist

Sarah is a plant scientist and enthusiast who is currently engaged in graduate studies at the University of Victoria, where she studies plant roots and their metabolism. She has personal experience as a cannabis cultivator, working both indoors and in greenhouses.

Sarah has been an MMAR patient since 2012, and has been applying her knowledge to improve cultivation and quality of her plants ever since.

Today, she is a strong advocate for using organic techniques that harness soil ecology, environment, and plant characteristics as an effective way to grow quality cannabis. She has also contributed as a consultant for Groundwork Consulting and Levity Solutions.

Sarah is not just focused on cannabis, keeping a large collection of weird and wacky plants to improve her understanding of plants in general. She is particularly fond of orchids, ferns, and native species.

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